Greece commissions new shut-off valves, piping in flood-risk areas

The Town of Greece recently commissioned the installation of shut-off valves, piping and a berm structure in locations where surging waters caused the greatest impact throughout flooding events in 2017.

The high lake and pond levels caused water to surge back up storm pipes, flooding shoreline roads.
At the peak of this flooding, public works staff deployed and maintained 41 pumps in an effort to keep floodwaters from making roads impassable. Pump hoses were placed in the storm sewer at storm grates, which threw the surging waters back into ponds and the lake. These pumps needed to be maintained and fueled to operate 24 hours per day.

Knowing that waterfront residents may experience similar conditions this year, Supervisor Bill Reilich started exploring a better and more efficient way to assist with managing the effects of water surges. The town determined that installing shut-off valves and new piping would ease the stress of operating and fueling pumps 24/7.

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