Addison sewer plans on schedule

ADDISON – The Village of Addison’s installation of 25,000 feet of sewer line to connect its sewer infrastructure to the Erwin Wastewater Treatment Plant is proceeding on schedule, according to village officials.

Crews are currently working along Route 417 near the Corning Inc. diesel plant in Erwin to install nearly five miles of sewer line to connect the village’s sewer system to the Erwin treatment plant in Gang Mills.

“Weather permitting, we hope to have this finished by the end of this year,” said Addison Mayor Ray Walch.

Once the installation is completed, it may be a little longer before the sewer line is connected to the Gang Mills plant.

Erwin Town Manager Rita McCarthy said the town needs to complete a separate project to expand the plant’s outflow piping and make some other plant upgrades before the village can connect.

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