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We provide advertising space on our Post Side & The Bidders Guide Project Report which is a weekly sharing of project and grant news stories. By advertising here you will get in front of people who are looking for new projects & oppurtunities and will require vendor support!

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  • Center Page ads are 200 x 300; Side Bar & Bottom Page are 200 x 200*
  • Advertising length will be for 90 Days**
  • The ad can be linked to either a post on our website or your website
  • For additional $29.99 we can write the content for the post
  • The post can be linked to any social network account or event you have
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*Requires a ready to go image in .jpg or .png format. BGP reserves the right to reject any ad request.
** All advertising takes some time to see results so the minimum time for advertising is 3 months.