An air of objectivity in turbine debate

PORTLAND — There has been an uneasy feeling in this town in recent months. A proposal for at least 10 windmills with each about 325 feet high that will generate up to 10 MW of power and stay local has placed a wedge between some neighbors.

It is apparent in the “No wind turbine” signs placed on a number of front lawns and in the discussions at the monthly Town Board meetings. There is, however, one thing that stands out: a respect for both sides of the issue.

That has not always been the case around our area. For two years, Arkwright has seen plenty of disruptions at their board meetings — from those elected and those in the audience. At times, it has become loud and obnoxious before order is called. At one time, it appeared as if there would be a physical confrontation before cooler heads prevailed.

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