Contract Signed Which May End Water, Sewer Debate

FALCONER — For the past 18 months, a compromise regarding water and sewer services between the city of Jamestown and town of Ellicott has proved elusive. As of Thursday, Town Supervisor Patrick McLaughlin has signed a contract that he thinks will benefit both parties involved.

The contract must be further approved and recommended by the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities for city council approval to proceed, and the council will then decide whether to approve the contract at a future meeting.

If the contract is approved, the water rates for Ellicott residents will rise to 200 percent of what Jamestown residents pay. The BPU will take care of all water and sewer maintenance, meaning Ellicott officials will no longer have to worry about unexpected payments.

“The city will now maintain everything,” McLaughlin said. “We are really getting something in return.”

The Post Journal

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