Debate continues over Salt Springs water

by David Tyler | May 4, 2021
TOWN OF MANLIUS – Two distinct groups have formed in the debate over the proposed Salt Springs Water District.
On one hand, there are the residents of the current Sky Ridge Water District, who nearly universally support the project as a long-term fix to the aging well-based water infrastructure that serves the 29 residences around Gulf Road and Horseshoe Lane.
On the other side are residents of Salt Springs Road, many of whom have voiced opposition to the plan, which would extend public water the length of Salt Springs Road from Fayetteville to Chittenango, connecting the Sky Ridge Water District to the Onondaga County Water Authority’s infrastructure along the way. They feel they are being asked to unfairly subsidize the necessary improvements to the Sky Ridge district with a public water project they do not want or need.
Last week, the Manlius Town Board held the second part of a public hearing on the first portion of the plan – outlining improvements to the Sky Ridge Water District. After an hour and half of debate, the hearing was tabled again until the next meeting. The third round of discussion is scheduled for May 12.
The current system in Sky Ridge features two wells. It has low water pressure and not enough flow for effective fire protection. Engineer Taylor Bottar, from Barton & Loguidice, corrected a statement made at a previous meeting, when he indicated one of the wells nearly ran dry last summer, but he did indicate the current aquifer level is down about 20% from last spring and about 50% from two years ago.

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