Despite complaints, city officials say plowing is progressing

Mayor Willie Rosas remarked that he saw progress in plowing during the Christmas Day snowfall. DPW Director Randy Woodbury reported the streets division is giving all it can.

“We get a lot of complaints and some compliments. Most people realize this is usual. We’ve gotten a lucky break the past couple years. We didn’t have the plows on the trucks until Dec. 21 last year. Compare that to this year, and we’re not quite as lucky. We shouldn’t expect to be lucky; what we’re getting is normal. … Our snow plow operators gave you everything they possible had. Are the new guys still learning? Yeah. Are they just as enthusiastic as the veterans? Yeah. You can’t ask for more.

Are we going to get better? Yeah, but what you got was every ounce of commitment of people who love the city of Dunkirk. … Do we all want to do better? My feeling and observation is yes,” Woodbury said.

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