Former Beech-Nut Building Coming Down

CANAJOHARIE — A former Beech-Nut warehouse building along Route 5 is in the process of being torn down, part of a months-long process of clearing the facility’s east side. Work inside the eastern end’s buildings began over a month ago, including asbestos and hazardous material abatement.

Demolition work, being done by Gorick Construction Co., Inc. should be complete by the end of summer, with Montgomery County Executive Matthew Ossenfort stating, “By that time, you’ll have a relatively clear view of the Eastern site.”

The State Historic Preservation Office has issued approval for removal of all structures on the eastern portion of the site. Ossenfort explained, “On the Eastern side,” which contains mostly 1950’s structures made of steel beams and cinder blocks, “there’s really not a lot that’s historically significant,” adding, “Getting a clear site so we can market it and then put it back into use is the ultimate goal.”

The Recorder

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