Landfill Makes Offer They Can’t Refuse — Or Can They?

Seneca Meadows Sweetens the Pot to Buy 12 More Years of Life — Until 2037

The state’s largest landfill is floating a proposal to push back its mandatory closure date from 2025 to 2037 in exchange for sweetened annual “host” payments to the Town of Seneca Falls.

A proposed resolution outlining the plan may be presented to the town board for a vote Tuesday night Oct. 2. But the measure may be pulled from the agenda at the last minute if supporters conclude that they lack the necessary three ‘yes’ votes to adopt it.

Seneca Falls Town Supervisor Greg Lazzaro and Town Attorney David Lee Foster have been working behind the scenes with the landfill to shape the offer, but they may have trouble corralling the necessary votes.

Seneca Daily News

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