Lead found in Yates and Lyndonville water samples

YATES — While sampling for lead and copper in September, the Village of Lyndonville and Town of Yates found two of 10 homes had results above the EPA Action Level for lead in the fourth water district.

The action level is 15 parts per billion (ppb) at the 90th percentile of samples. The Lyndonville/Yates 90th percentile was 15.6 ppb. 1 ppb is equivalent to one drop of water in an Olympic size swimming pool.

“Most of the samples collected were well below the action level for lead, thereby demonstrating that the two positive samples were most likely the result of improper collection points within the certified/approved sample sites,” stated a press release from the town and village. “One sample was collected from an outside hose bib and the other was collected from a laundry room sink.”

Livingston County News – The Daily News

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