Major Building Project

More than 100 homes – in mid-$300,000 price range – slated for North Buffalo

The only new housing development in the city of Buffalo in recent years is going to get five times bigger over the next four years.

Marrano Homes is taking over the Colvin Estates subdivision in North Buffalo and plans to build more than 100 additional homes. Prices will likely start in the mid-$300,000 range, but a company official said he expects some will sell for over for $400,000 after upgrades are included. And he noted that’s consistent with what people are paying for existing homes in the city.

“The last time we did it, the Main-Lasalle, we were really taken aback by how much people spent on upgrades,” said John Manns, Marrano’s executive vice president of sales. “I see people really loading these houses up.”

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