Power plant land has ‘challenges’

When it comes to the former NRG Energy Inc. property, it can be summed up in two words: it’s complicated.
Last week, members of city economic development committee were presented with some insight into the mammoth property. While much is known concerning the environmental drawbacks concerning the land, there is some reason for hope.

During the nearly one-hour presentation, those in attendance learned that to demolish the property the price tag begins at $12 million. In addition, for something to happen will require a dose of heavy lifting from New York state and the federal government.

“Because of the challenges of this site, it’s going to require a politically feasible solution. … Our takeaway is to make this work we’re going have to have a lot of political will to throw dollars at this,” said Michael N’dolo, director of economic development for the MRB Group.

Evening Sun

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