Salamanca council approves two grant applications totalling $40K

By Kellen M. Quigley

SALAMANCA — The Salamanca Common Council is hoping to see an additional $40,000 coming into the city revenues after giving the OK to pursue to grant program opportunities.

The council authorized an application for the 2020 Consolidation Funding under the EFC/DEC Engineering Planning grant program for the city’s Inflow and Infiltration Evaluation for $30,000 with the city to match funds of $6,000.

Grant administrator Sandi Brundage said this grant is part of the next step in the Board of Public Utilities’ project to replace several areas in the city water plant’s pumping system and hopefully score a million-dollar grant to assist in the project’s costs.

“This is one of those grants that you do this step to get to the next step to get to the actual reconstruction of the infrastructure,” she said.

BPU General Manager Dennis Hensel and Justin Chudy, water department supervisor, noted several areas in the city where there are issues, Brundage said.

Salamanca Press

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