Sneak peek at Acela

HORNELL — It’s being hailed as a new chapter in local history and a monumental achievement, for a major piece of modern American infrastructure to have local blood, sweat and maybe even a few tears in its making.

An unprecedented level of investment has been made, as Alstom continues its build of 28 high-speed train sets for Amtrak’s Acela service line to carry passengers along the northeast corridor (America’s first high speed trains). The contract for trains totals $1.5 billion, and the total investment including infrastructure upgrades totals $2.5 billion.

It’s being built in the largest rolling stock facility in the world, at Alstom’s Hornell plants, making it uniquely qualified in North America to take on a project of this scope, according to Hornell Site Manager Michael MacDonald.

“It’s the largest rolling stock facility in America, with 700,000 square feet under roof. It’s a lot of rail capacity,” MacDonald said.

The Evening Tribune

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