Solar project on track

By Colin Spencer
Construction on a 3-megawatt, 16-acre solar project in Cortlandville could start this summer on Tower Road.

The Cortlandville Town Board received and filed a letter Wednesday from Christopher Stroud, the chief operating officer for developer Cipriani Energy Group, noting that a payment had been made for an interconnection agreement with National Grid, legally signifying the beginning of construction.

Future projects in the town may face more challenges, because the board also voted, 4-0, to start the process of implementing a six-month moratorium on solar projects, to both give the town time to update its 1978 comprehensive plan and to adopt solar battery storage laws, said Town Attorney John DelVecchio.

The Cipriani payment was second of two to National Grid for potential upgrades needed to the electrical connection to the grid, Stroud said before Wednesday’s meeting. This could potentially include larger, more powerful wires and upgrading the projects’ substation that is used to convert voltages.

The cost would be between $100,000 to $200,000, he said.

Cortland Standard

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