State, other roadblocks undermine Shared Services, officials say

OSWEGO — In the recently adopted Shared Services Plan for Oswego County, municipal leaders and county officials gathered to unanimously approve a 19-pronged proposal that hopes to decrease property taxes for residents by consolidating public services.

After nearly two years of meetings and multiple public hearings, the group plans to present the plan to Oswego County’s residents next Thursday.

Although county residents can expect a property tax savings of approximately $25.68 per year, county officials lament the state of affairs in Albany, saying it stymies attempts at more efficiencies.

In a statement regarding high property taxes and barriers to shared services, the Oswego County Shared Services Panel detailed these issues.

“The fact that so many services in Oswego County are already shared, combined with the existence of legal barriers to certain significant sharing opportunities, makes the development of new shared services less impactful for the taxpayer,” the letter read. “Creating more shared services, simply for the sake of saying we created more, doesn’t necessarily create efficiencies or reduce tax levies by an appreciable amount.”

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