‘That bridge bounces’: Where you may need to find an alternate route in Erwin until fall

Chris Potter – The Evening Tribune

ERWIN — Erwin Town Manager Rita McCarthy won’t be able to take one of her favorite biking routes this year, and that’s just fine with her.

The County Route 115 bridge over the Canisteo River is set for replacement in 2021. Steuben County officially approved the $4.2 million project this week. McCarthy welcomed the news, even if it impacts her biking hobby. The narrow two-lane bridge presents safety challenges for bikers and pedestrians alike.

“Meeting a car on that bridge does not make me happy,” McCarthy said. “That bridge bounces.”

Engineers remedied several issues with the bridge in the new design. The existing bridge is 217 feet long, while the new bridge will be closer to 230 feet. The new structure will also be wider, adding about eight feet for a 32-foot width — a welcome development for bikers like McCarthy.


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