Town Of Amsterdam To Inform Residents On Bridge Replacements

TOWN OF AMSTERDAM — Residents in the town of Amsterdam will be able to learn about an upcoming bridge replacement project, as well as voice any of their questions or concerns in regards to the work it will entail.

A public information open house will take place from 6 to 7 p.m. Monday concerning a Montgomery County project to replace two bridges on Cranes Hollow Road. The open house will take place at the Amsterdam Town Hall at 283 Mannys Corners Road. The session is intended to provide town residents with the chance to become acquainted with the project and to be able to express their concerns or give comments regarding the bridge replacements.

The first 30 minutes will consist of a project discussion presented by Montgomery County Department of Public Works Commissioner Eric Mead and the project’s consulting engineers. Items that will be discussed include the project’s timeline, the process and scope of the two bridge replacement projects, detours and emergency routes.

The Recorder

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