Utica officials advance eminent domain process on Court Street property

Utica officials have taken another step to acquire the entirety of the former Northland Communications office on Court Street.

The City of Utica Urban Renewal Agency voted Thursday to issue its findings as part of an effort to acquire all parcels in the building’s footprint through eminent domain. The findings and determination outline the justification for acquiring a property through condemnation.

Most of the building sits on a parcel owned by the Urban Renewal Agency, said Brian Thomas, the city’s commissioner of Urban and Economic Development, in September.

A portion of the building is owned by local developer Vincent Bailey through a limited liability company. Bailey purchased the property in July 2018 for $30,000, which includes the portion of the building, an adjacent parking lot and a second parcel at 406 Aiken St. The properties have nothing to do with the eminent domain issue going on with the downtown hospital project.


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