Village of Hilton to develop new Comprehensive Plan

Mayor Joseph M. Lee has announced the kickoff of the Village of Hilton’s development of a new Comprehensive Plan for the community. The village Board of Trustees has launched this effort in response to feedback from village residents and key stakeholders, who suggested the evaluation of opportunities related to land use and other key elements of village life. “Maintaining the village’s community character is of utmost importance,” said Mayor Lee.

The Comprehensive Plan will be drafted by a Steering Committee made up of volunteers, and facilitated by the village’s Engineer, MRB Group, a Rochester based multi-disciplinary Engineering, Architecture and Planning firm. Village Manager/Clerk, Shari Pearce will serve as the Steering Committee’s liaison to the Board of Trustees. When completed, the plan will establish a long-term vision, a set of goals, and new strategies and actions that can be implemented over time to ensure that Hilton remains a quality community.

The plan will address a wide variety of topics including infrastructure and economic development, smart growth and sustainability, recreation, and the environment, and housing.

The Comprehensive Plan is the Village’s blueprint for future policy changes and reflects the community’s collective vision and will provide direction for future development of the community. “People who live in Hilton love Hilton,” said Shari Pearce.

Westside News Inc.

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