Water Board to start LaSalle monitoring

NIAGARA FALLS: Officials agree to begin project required in DEC consent order.

The Niagara Falls Water Board moved, during a special meeting held Thursday afternoon, to begin a project to monitor sanity sewer overflows in the LaSalle neighborhood.

After originally defying a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation consent order, by failing to approve a contract tor the flow monitoring and an analysis of that data, the water board partially reversed course and approved a contract with TECsmith to provide three months of flow metering at 15 manhole locations throughout the LaSalle neighborhood.

The cost of the contract is $58,500. TECsmith does not and will not provide an analysis of the flow meter data. The board will need to hire an engineering firm to do that work.

“(TECsmith) will put the meters in and they will be checking them weekly,” Water Board Acting Executive Director Pat Fama said. “The engineering firm will go through the data.”


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