Wellsville BOE proposes new athletic pavilion

Voters to decide on creation of capital reserve to fund project

WELLSVILLE — The Wellsville Central School District will be putting a resolution forward to voters in the spring.

Monday night, the Board of Education discussed funding options for a new athletic pavilion at the elementary school. The building would service the football, soccer, baseball and track and field programs who host contests at the athletic complex. The board proposes the creation of a capital reserve savings account that would fund the eventual construction of the building.

“The concession building at the current turf fields is in pretty rough shape in terms of its compliance with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act),” said Wellsville Superintendent David Foster. “Anyone who has been over at the facility knows the restroom facilities are pretty rough. What we’re considering is a sports pavilion and establishing a savings account, so that we can save for its construction at a later date.

Wellsville Daily Reporter

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