Work On New Emergency Services, Sheriff’s Garage Begins

FONDA — The Montgomery County Emergency Management Department broke ground for its new Public Safety Facility Emergency Services & Sheriff’s Garage on Wednesday.

The new garage will relocate the department’s current facility from a flood plain onto land next to the Montgomery County Jail and Emergency Management offices on 200 Clark Drive in Fonda. The current garage is located near Park Street in the village.

Montgomery County Executive Matthew Ossenfort, Director of Emergency Management Jeffery Smith and Department of Public Works Commissioner Eric Mead attended the groundbreaking event.

“When I first ran for office in 2013, one of the big issues that I thought needed to be addressed was the fact that our Emergency Management equipment was located within the flood zone, and God forbid that area be flooded and we cannot get the equipment out of there,” Ossenfort said. “Over the years we’ve looked for grants and tried to figure out how we could get this paid for. We were very thankful to receive a grant that funded about half of this project from the state, so to finally get to this point where we are moving that stuff out of the flood zone is following through on a goal that we’ve had since really 2013.”

The county was awarded $671,575 by the Regional Economic Development Council toward relocating the facility out of a flood plain. In total, the construction of the new garage will cost $1.34 million.

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