Bowler’s Brewery Site Be Redeveloped?

by Sara Foss | Oct 22, 2020

AMSTERDAM — The old Bowler’s Brewery building is the broken-down centerpiece of a block of abandonment.

The hulking structure towers over Amsterdam’s West Main Street, its windows broken, missing or boarded up. Behind it sits Dudka’s Garage, silent and empty. Perched atop a darkened brick smokestack is a rusting red Volkswagen Beetle, once used to attract business to the shuttered garage.

The deteriorating buildings are reminders of a better, busier past.

Could they be part of a better, busier future?

The city of Amsterdam is marketing the properties to developers, in hopes that someone will buy the site and redevelop it.

If this happens, it could be truly transformative, injecting a major corridor in and out of Amsterdam with new energy and activity.

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