Clymer School Capital Project Approved


CLYMER — Clymer Central School District residents overwhelmingly approved a capital construction project by a vote of 180 to 26 this week.

The $4.5 million project will address long-standing issues in the areas of deferred maintenance, asset preservation, safety and security and energy efficiency. The project includes roof restoration, foundation repairs to a retaining wall, restoration of the septic system, fire alarm and phone system upgrades, reconstruction of the front steps, lighting upgrades and replacement of the controls system.

“It’s really a nuts and bolts project to keep our school functional and to keep our kids safe,” said Superintendent Beth Olson. She noted that most of these projects have been needed for some time and the maintenance staff has struggled to keep the equipment operating.

Olson emphasized that the project will have no additional tax impact for residents. The project will be paid for through the state building aid and district reserves. At present, the state aid building ratio for Clymer is 83.8%, which leaves 16.2% for the district to provide.

The Post Journal

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