Oneonta to offer small grants for community projects

By Mike Forster Rothbart Staff Writer

Oneonta residents, nonprofits and business owners will soon be able to apply for small grants from the city to fund community improvements and events.

After extensive discussion, the Oneonta Common Council approved funding for the Oneonta Community Initiative on May 3. It’s a new program that will provide small grants of $200 to $1,000 for community members to create public projects that benefit the city.

Up to 12 grants and $5,000 will be distributed per quarter. The first grant deadline is tentatively set for July 15, according to draft application guidelines reviewed by the council on Tuesday.

“There is so much success to be had when you are collaborative,” Mayor Mark Drnek said as he introduced the initiative during the council meeting. He considers these grants as a way to strengthen the community’s relationship with the city government, “through more inclusion, by bringing voices to the conversation not typically heard, by finding new ways to address problems, and by empowering your ability to make a difference,” he said.

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