Possibilities Explored For Mayville Lakefront Development

MAYVILLE — Should Mayville have a splash pad in the summer that becomes an ice rink in the winter? How about a pier filled with businesses or a community garden? These are all possibilities village leaders and community members are trying to decide what they feel would be best.

The community was recently invited to a public presentation of the Mayville Strategic Waterfront Activation. The event was put on by the Chautauqua County Partnership for Economic Growth, the Chautauqua Region Economic Development Corporation and the Mayville Village Board. During the event, residents and business owners heard about the draft master plan for Lakeside Park and the West Lake Road corridor.

“Obviously, you’ve got to fund these projects somehow, but you can’t just go in and ask for money and say, ‘Hey, we’d love to fix up our park.’ The funding agencies are very discerning in the projects they choose for funding and they know when people have done their homework and when they haven’t,” explained Mark Geise, deputy county executive for economic development.

The Post Journal

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