Town Hears Proposal On Apartment Buildings

FREWSBURG — A proposal to construct two apartment buildings in Frewsburg was discussed during a public hearing this week by the Carroll Town Board.
The proposal is for John Diethrick of Diamond Builders to purchase the town property located at 233 N. Pearl St., Frewsburg, for the construction of the two, eight-unit apartment buildings.

Prior to public comment, Russell Payne, town supervisor, read a letter from the town attorney, Paul Webb, about the sale of the property, which is in the closing process.

Webb states in his letter that a legal notice was published in the newspaper announcing the sale of the property to Diethrick and because no resident petitioned for a permissive referendum within 30 days, the town is allowed to sell the land.

“There is no requirement that the town conduct an auction and/or utilize open/closed bids on the sale of real property,” he states.

The Post Journal

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