Ward 4 Councilor Ken Camera wants city of Geneva to have more tools to take on blight


GENEVA — City Council will pick up tonight where it left off two weeks ago on a proposal by Ward 4 Councilor Ken Camera to help the city crack down on poorly maintained and vacant or abandoned city properties.

Camera’s proposal, which he brought before City Council at its Sept. 1 meeting, would build on the city’s new Abandoned and Vacant Property Registry, which City Council enacted in February. The discussion will continue tonight at 6:30 p.m. in a work session at Jordan Hall on the Cornell Agritech campus, 630 W. North St. The proceedings will be live-streamed on the city of Geneva’s YouTube Channel at YouTube.com/cityofgenevany.

Once placed on the roll, a property owner is sent a formal notification from the city that the property has been deemed vacant or abandoned. The vacant and abandoned properties roll allows the city to foreclose on parcels after one year, as opposed to the current two-year period, expediting the process of moving them back on the tax rolls.

Finger Lakes Times

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