City renews push to build dog park

By Greg Klein – Staff Writer

When Oneonta Mayor Gary Herzig made his State of the City speech Tuesday, Jan. 6, he saved some of his best news for city residents for last: a dog park is close to being a reality.

At the end of a long list of citywide accomplishments that Herzig said would position the city to thrive coming out of the coronavirus pandemic, he concluded: “And I will push to see that we finally build what has been one of the most requested items by the people of this city — a dog park in Neahwa (Park).”

According to minutes from the city’s Parks and Recreation Committee last year, the park will be in the south end of Neahwa Park, south of the sports fields, north of Interstate 88 and west of James Lettis Highway.

Although money for the dog park was in the 2020 budget, it got transferred to other park business last year as plans for a dog park community group were being finalized.

The money is back in the 2021 budget, however, with Herzig and other city officials saying it is a priority this year

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